June 10, 2024

Tax Deed Sales

Tax Deed Sales deal with the selling of property to the highest bidder at a public auction in order to recover delinquent property taxes. A tax deed sale occurs after an owner of a Tax Certificate applies to the Tax Collector for a Tax Deed after the Tax Certificate has been held for the statutory period of twenty-two [22] months from date of delinquency.

A deputy clerk employed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court conducts the sale or public auction in accordance with Florida Statute 197.502[5]. Tax Deed Sales are held as scheduled and noticed at 11:00 AM on the front steps of the Liberty County Courthouse facing Hwy 20.

Certificate shall be SOLD to the highest bidder at the Courthouse door at 11:00 AM EST.

Tax Deed Brochure

Upcoming Tax Deed Sales

#53 of 2021 to be sold on 8/31/23 **PAID**

#83 of 2018 to be sold on 12/10/20 **PAID**

#90 of 2018 to be sold on 12/10/20 **PAID**

#118 of 2018 to be sold on 12/17/20 **PAID**