December 3, 2021


The Liberty County Clerk’s Office is responsible for overseeing various departments that deal with the Circuit and County court systems. All departments within the Clerk’s office can be reached at 850-643-2215. Additional information about the Liberty County Jury process is available by clicking on the Jury link.


Jury Department

Find information about summons from the Clerk’s Office and performing jury duty.

Foreclosure Sales and Tax Deed Sales

Inquire here about attending, bidding, and purchasing from foreclosure sales and tax deed sales conducted by the Clerk’s Office.

Circuit Civil/Family Law Enforcement

Inquire here about forms for filing Circuit Civil – general court cases involving money amounts more than $30,000 and Family law cases relating to family matters.

County Civil Department

Claims less than $8,000 may be filed in  Small Claims Court. Get the Small Claims PacketEvictions Packet, or Unlawful Detainer by clicking the appropriate link.

Domestic Violence

Inquire here for information about filing for an injunction for protection against another person.

Juvenile Department

Inquire here about court cases involving minors. Note: most juvenile records are confidential.

Mental Health Department

Inquire here about the Baker Act (mental) or Marchman Act (alcohol or drugs).

Misdemeanor/County Criminal Department

Inquire here about court cases involving minor crimes.

Felony/Circuit Criminal Department

Inquire here about court cases involving serious crimes such as grand theft or murder.

Child Support

Inquire here about payment information – receives and disburses child support payments in most cases. For a Child Support Calculator for filling out Child Support Guidelines Worksheet click here.

To sign up for direct deposit or debit card click here:

Traffic Department

Inquire here about where to pay for your county traffic citations.

Probate & Guardianship Department

Inquire here about Information about estates, wills, guardians for minors and incapacitated persons. For Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration click here.

Injunction for Protection: Vulnerable Adult

Information coming soon…